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through yogic principles and science-backed physical therapy

Personal Refinement

Kyle McGregor DPT, RYT

Physical Therapist &Yoga Instructor


After practicing yoga for the better part of a decade, Kyle traveled to Rishikesh, India in March of 2017 for his 200 hour teacher training certification and has been teaching ever since. His classes are highly accessible to a wide range of levels and abilities; after all, yoga is about the doer and is without judgement or expectations, therefore he encourages the modification of poses to meet the doer’s abilities in that moment to ensure a safe and enjoyable practice for all. He structures his classes in the vinyasa or flow style, as pairing the breath and the movement helps to deepen the practice and promotes a greater mind-body connection.

While Kyle enjoys teaching group classes, his professional passion lies with the private lessons. Private lessons provide the time and structure to hone in on your goals both within your yoga practice and beyond. As a physical therapist, he know show to appropriately modify poses to increase the intensity and isolate the target tissue in order to progress your practice in a safe and effective manner. 

Kyle McGregor DPT, RYT graduated from the University of Vermont with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2014. It was his desire to help people combined with a love for the human body that drove him towards physical therapy. This drive segued beautifully into a passion for yoga, as it provides the opportunity to empower others and possibly prevent injuries from developing in the first place.

Physical Therapy

  • Therapeutic Exercise

  • Neuromuscular Re-Education

  • Manual Therapy Techniques (Soft tissue mobilization, 
    spinal and peripheral joint mobilization, etc.)


Integrative Dry Needling


Yoga For The Stiff & Sore

Drop In Yoga Class

Private Lesson 

Schedule a private lesson





—  Jordan, Yoga Student

“Kyle’s one-on-one and small group yoga lessons have not only made me more confident and comfortable with my practice, but [it] has truly given me a deeper understanding of my body, and the way in which I can improve my everyday life through mindful exercise. After a matter of days working with Kyle I felt genuine improvements in my flexibility, pain relief, and overall functionality of my body.” 

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